Over the years, we have worked on a wide range of projects, varying in construction value - starting from a few hundred pounds to millions. Structurally, the challenge is to make the architectural concept stand-up and work efficiently. We provide the skeleton for the building to allow it to stand up against the weight in the fabric, in the use of the building as well as external loads such as wind loading and snow loading as well as support for the cladding systems. We have experience on various types of buildings, including:

  • Domestic - Refurbishment and new builds, attic conversions and extensions

  • Education - Primary, secondary and further education buildings, from refurbishment to new build

  • Laboratories - We have worked on CAT 2, CAT 3 and CAT 4 laboratories, vibration sensitive, temperature sensitive and radioactive shielding buildings.

  • Healthcare - We have worked on Linac Structures, A&E Departments, Plantroom facilities throughout England.

  • Residential - Multi-occupancy flats and houses

  • Student - Residential student buildings

Here are just a few samples of typical projects we have worked on:

St Gregory’s Sixth Form, Bath

Architect: White Design (Link to Website)

This project involved the design of an extension for the 6th Form Centre which serves both St Gregory's and St Mark’s, the building extension had limited budget and had to be in keeping with the existing new building.

The foundations required piling due to the difficult ground conditions of an old quarry, which the building was located halfway on.

The superstructure was designed as a steel frame with composite floor to achieve the large open plan spaces and stability.

The external enveloped, used timber construction in order to match the existing building.

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The Cleveland Pools, Bath

Architect: Donald Install Associates

Once restored this Grade I Listed Georgian lido will be the world's first naturally treated, heated open air pool. The site is environmentally sensitive: next to the river and at risk of flooding, hence the need for the natural pool design, to avoid any environmental damage to the river.

We are involved in the restoration design of the existing building, swimming pool and the design of the new plantroom and toilet facilities.

More recently, we have developed the principles for the construction works; involving the methodology of bringing materials in and out of the site, both from the immediate road and via the river. This work has had particular importance in order to avoid the congestion issues of using the roads in and out of Bath city centre.

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Widcombe Social Club, Bath

Architect: Stride Treglowan

A replacement of an existing social club at the heart of the Widcombe community.  Providing a multi-purpose venue with a distinct sense of space and airy design, with superb views across the city and canal basin. Our engineers provided steel frame, super-structure design.

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Springfield Farm

Architect: DesignScape Architects

This contemporary and innovative two-story house sits within a beautiful rural environment. The brief was for open plan living without walls and to use contemporary materials which blended with the environment

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Garden Studio, Bath

Architect: Stonewood Design

An RIBA Award-winning garden studio clad in propitiated copper with an intensive planted roof, which blends with the natural forms and levels of the landscape. The brief was to accommodate a small and discreet space for the residents to work, to sleep, to sew, to play or as a hide to observe the woodland wildlife

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Bespoke Family Home, Oxfordshire

Architect: Adrian James Architect

This project required cantilever slabs supporting ICF walls, curved beams and in-situ concrete staircase.

A challenging aspect to this project, the brick had to hang over the bronze cladding. The result was a truly interesting project with a stunning curved shape.

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Barn Conversion, Somerset

Architect: jo hibbert

Originally a cow shed, this beautiful building was renovated to make it suitable for occupation, keeping the original structure intact and renovating the interior.

The roof was replaced from the Hall as the new roof gave an opportunity for solar panels to be placed on the southern side , allowing more energy.

The stairs were a critical feature of the development, where we used 3D modeling to create a suitable structure that fulfilled the architectural and client aspirations.

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High End Residential Development, Bath

Architect: CASA

One of those jobs that expanded in nature from the onset of receive the original drawings, the site investigation was woefully inadequate with no due consideration for the slope stability or retaining structures in near proximity of the existing retaining structures.

We specified geotechnical site investigation, and worked up a suitable structural scheme that worked with the SI data and revised the architectural layout more in sympathy with the geology.

We developed the principles of the basement structure and method of excavations, along with the permanent structural solution for the building above the basement.

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Residential Development, Oxfordshire

Architect: Martin Blake associates

Cranbourne Homes Ltd

Working for Cranbourne Homes we developed the complete structural and civil engineering solutions for the housing, garages as well as the drainage to ensure that they complied to SUDS design.

Design involved reviewing the original design proposals and developing suitable solutions created by the architectural layouts and housing sales team. 

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Domestic Refurbishment, Frome

Architect: Louise Bastable Architects

This house refurbishment project in Frome involved the conversion of the attic, remedial works to the internal walls and a side extension.

Working alongside the architect we provided structural design advice and due to the issues with the party wall and neighbour we were able to avoid loading the party wall to allow the works to commence without delay.

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New-Build House, Westbury

Architect: Simon randall associates

 Passive House developed for the client using Timber frame construction along with foundations  


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New-Build House, Findhorn , Scotland

Designer: Cullen Timber Design

Timber frame design in the Highlands of Scotland for the Cullen Timber Design, we were employed to design the foundations and the timber frame for the supplier.

 We worked to develop a suitable timber and foundation package, with the minimum of steelwork as practically possible with the large scale openings.

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New Factory, Llanberis, North Wales

Architect: White Design

Client: UW designs ltd

 Working with the architect from the planning stage we have worked on the structural and civil engineering design of the project, working on getting the best value for money solution.

The building is steel frame, with timber flooring and cladding. 

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Sycamore Avenue, Burnley

Architect: Liberata Architects

Client: Spacious Place Developments

 Working with the client we have been developing a low cost housing solution for Burnley. The idea being the housing is developed and build by those that will live within the buildings.

The site has brought its own challenges with ground contamination, flood risk, bats as well as demolition of an existing structure to make way for five new houses and a block of flats.

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Fairfield Farm College

Architect: Hetreed ross architects

Fairfield Farm College

 Working with the architect we have developed a suitable drainage strategy to satisfy Wessex Water to enable further expansion of the college to include equine facilities and additional car parking.

We carried out drainage modeling to ascertain the required increase in pond size to deal with the potential increase in surface water run off from the new buildings and car parking.



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High-End Residential Development, Bath

Architect: DesignSCAPE

Working with Designscape we developed a new house development that included a concrete expressed internal floor, cantilever corners to form picture frame windows.

The building used masonry walls to provide the stability, and steel frames to form the large openings and wind post supports.



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House Extension, Bath

Architect: Gambles Architects

Working with Gambles Architects, we have provided a design to form a lower ground floor/part basement, with a first floor extension to take full advantage of the views out over Bath from the rear of the house, with large rear wall opening out to an external balcony.

Part of the project involved the detailed design of handrails and stairs to ensure they were in keeping with the clients requirements and the architectural brief.

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New Below-Ground Garage, Bath

Architect: hetreed ross architects

Working with the architect, we have been involved in the design of the construction of a new side extension. initial site visit highlighted the construction challenges, from which we developed the temporary works as well as the permanent works.

 Working with the temporary works, we developed a solution that incorporated the temporary and permanent works to ensure a cost effective final solution.

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Kirby Chimney


We have been working on this project over the past two years on the repair and maintenance of a listed chimney structure.

After a repair to the chimney, we became involved to assess the current status of the fabric of the building.

We have worked in consulting the Local Authority for the temporary restraint of the brickwork for Health and safety aspects.

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Greenacres Development, Chilcompton

Architect: Stide Treglown

Working with Ashford Homes we developed a drainage design that complied with planning restrictions limiting the surface water to be retained on site vial a pond.

We also provided design for foundations, flooring and roofing structures.

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Architect: n/a

One of our old clients recommended us to work on the drainage design for a self build project in Reading, the planning had tight restrictions on the foul and surface drainage.

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Attic Conversion, Fishponds

Architect: gambles architects

Developed a structural solution for the design of attic conversion, and rear house extension. 

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New-Build House, South Stoke, Bath

Architect: Designscape

Worked in the development of a refurbishment of a existing building, turning into a almost complete demolition. The steel frame was developed to work within the masonry walls of the building with transfer frames.

Worked the scheme to ensure that the MVHR worked throughout the development.

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New-Build House, Inkpen


Working on the development of a scheme where we had to re-sculpt the landscape to push the building down to fit in two-storey new structure, with the first floor contained within the roof space, with cut roof design.

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Blenheim Grove, London


Working with the client we have developed a scheme to allow the extension of the existing building by adding two storey structure onto the existing building footprint. 

Early involvement has allowed the architect to understand the scheme layout potential and hopeful reduce the design costs.

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