Who are we?

Build Collective is a bespoke engineering consultancy with a flexible and nimble approach to civil and structural engineering design. We enjoy working with steel, concrete, timber, masonry and glass to provide excellent and efficient engineering solutions to the diverse problems posed by new and existing buildings, landscapes and structures.

We are a knowledgeable and nimble team delivering good engineering from a learning environment. Enjoying diversity in design, exploring new materials and concepts and through problem solving and ingenuity we achieve effective and elegant engineering across all sectors and project sizes.

We think of all projects from materials first principle, i.e. have we got the right material being specified in the right place..? and just because that is what is normally used is it right or can we do better for you , the Envoroment and for future generatations?

What we do

Build Collective provides Structural and Civil Engineering Design solutions for Architects, Private and Public clients throughout the UK at various stages of the design and construction process and beyond.

Planning - we help with the planning process, in terms of highways, drainage etc...

Design - we design from the foundations, frame and architectural steelwork (Stairs, handrails etc)

Construction - we can help in the temporary works and in resolving the issues that happen on site during construction.

We like to meet those involved in the projects, to get to know them and understand there concerns and worries of the project, and we like to make sure we know who we will be talking to on the phone or communicating via email for the length of the project.

With the size of the business each project is important, and we also appreciate that during any project that scope and budgets may change, so we try and make sure we understand and clearly convey what we will be doing for you.


End Product

This will depend of course on the level of service that you choose, and for what you want the design for:

Structural Engineering, we provide design calculations for you to submit to building control and drawings for both building control and your builder to work from.

Civil Engineering, we provide design for planning and building control, with drawings and specifications for your local water authority. 

Structural Engineering

The Institution of Structural Engineers describes our work as both an art and a science. We seek to excel in both the creative and analytical aspects of engineering using hand drawn sketches, CAD or 3D modelling to communicate our design to our clients and to co-ordinate with other members of the design and construction team.

We enjoy working in a collaborative way with our clients, architects and contractors. We believe successful designs are derived from understanding what each client is seeking to achieve and then tailoring our approach to add maximum value for each project.

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Civil Engineering

Build Collective is involved with the smaller end of civil engineering works that are often an essential part to constructing any new building, such as retaining walls and drainage design. We can design retaining walls in reinforced concrete, masonry and gabions and we will design soakaways to BRE 365. 

Build Collective manages all aspects of design that are essential for constructing any new building: retaining walls, drainage design, flood risk assessments, 3D ground modelling, geotechnical services - all these are engineered to suit clients as required. We can design retaining walls in reinforced concrete, masonry and gabions and will design soakaways to BRE 365.

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As structural engineers we are more unusual in that we work and understand the principles of PassivHouse, this means that we work with details and materials that do not compromise the ethos of the PassivHous movement, we actually understand what you and your architect are trying to achieve. We ideally would love all buildings to be thought of and built in this way.

The PassivHaus standard is a detailed, fully measurable energy performance target for buildings. It is a ‘fabric-first’ approach to energy efficiency, relying on good quality materials and workmanship to produce building which cost as little as £15/year to run. The initial research was carried out in Germany on houses, but the standard has since been expanded to include all types of building. PassivHaus can include ‘bolt-on’ technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines, but this is not essential and most PassivHaus look so similar to ‘normal’ homes it is hard to tell the difference unless you know where to look.

The PassivHaus standard can also be applied to existing buildings in what is called an EnerPHit retrofit which generally involves works such as adding extra insulation and making the building airtight. This standard enables existing homeowners to reduce their energy consumption by up to 90%.

At Build Collective we offer full PassivHaus and EnerPHit refurbishment design services, as well as a consultancy service available to architects and designers wishing to meet the PassivHaus standard.