Site Visit 

Site visits are essential to our work as it helps us understand the projects requirements/needs to ensure a safe progression through the project , minimising the amount of potential rework when the project goes to site.

We come and visit the site and/or building to understand the limitations. We anticipate that an architect will be on board and will provide us with drawings of what you are seeking to extend or modify. The drawings we anticipate to be in some form of CAD drawings that we can use as a base background to deliver our own set of drawings if required.

With the above drawings, we should have a good understanding of what we are going to need to look at and what areas we will require opening up to understand the structure beneath the paint, plasterboard, render etc..

We will also if altering loading seek to understand the nature of the change in the ground/foundations, as any load change above ground through the formation of openings and wall removal has the potential to create movement within an existing property

 This is often an opportunity to discuss any changes or modifications and there impact to the property, to discuss what might make it simpler or to achieve ones larger vision.

Fundamentally, the site visit should reduce the risk on the project.